Monday 30 September 2013


Hello everybody, how is going ? I'm very glad to announce the born of this blog. I have thought a lot of time about making this editorial space, and finally I decided to invest some of my time and my knowledge for all the guys out there passionate in software like me!

So first of all, why ""   ? The name comes from the fact that we are going to mostly speaking about software development, techniques, processes, programming certifications, frameworks and many other cool things. I will often bring in also a "testing perspective", because I'm really passionate about this ring of the chain as well.

Now, Let me speak a little bit about me.
I'm a 26 Italian guy living in Ireland, specifically in the center of Dublin.
I graduated in informatics and I've taken a master in computer science at University College of Dublin. I'm now working full time for a big Irish company as a software engineer.

I have just done the exams for the Java programmer associate and professional developer, so these will be the first two topics I'm going to speak about. If you're planning to take this certifications as well, you will find a lot of useful advices and resources on these pages!